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What they say about me

"Working with Jonathan for the last few years, across multiple projects has been a genuine pleasure. There is one major reason why I come back - because Jonathan listens. [...]

Now, having Jonathan on retainer has been such an added relief - knowing he is just a message away and ready to jump to action has sped up the time between concept and materialisation of the vision. "

Entrepreneur & founder @ UP Business

A future-proof approach.

I work exclusively with industry standard tools such as Webflow, Xano, Wized and deploy solutions that have been tested multiple times over.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the goal is always to set you to never need my assistance again. Because that's what future-proof means when you work with me and Webflow.

From idea to production, faster.

With over 5+ years in the industry working with startups, local shops, and large corporations I've got solutions fitting every situation.

And from working day in and day out in Webflow and Figma I have developed robust pipelines that can take your idea from a lightbulb moment to finished product faster than ever.

Communication at the heart of everything.

Not to brag, but – the most common compliment from past and current clients is the quality of communication. From regularly sending Loom videos explaining concepts, to scheduled project updates, and generally a lighthearted tone.

Because communication is everything, and having a good time should always be the case for every project.

Did you know...?

Let's answer some of your questions, concerns, or whatever else might be on your mind.

Why is GDPR and CCPA compliance important for my website?


Worst case scenario you might be sued, and best case scenario you'll be worried of getting sued. All websites developed at JF Studio is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant with special care taken to where content is hosted and how forms are collecting information, as well as 100% compliant cookie consent.

What does white-label Webflow web development and design mean?


White-label Webflow development and design refers to how the work is credited after the service is completed. JF Studio will give you or your agency full credit for the works provided, essentially I'll act as a behind the curtains magic maker.

What is a technical SEO website audit?


In a technical SEO audit I will go through your entire current website and look for areas of changes that will positively affect your SEO performance. This includes things like page speed, asset sizes, sitemap structure, page layouts, etc.

What does it mean that I can "start from scratch"?


Just what you would expect, we can start from scratch instead of needing an already existing website or brand. In practice this could be that you have an idea but no existing material yet, and we'll go ahead and create your brand, web design, as well as develop it in Webflow.

Who is behind JF Studio?


JF Studio is founded and operated by me, Jonathan Fors, a Swede based in the sunny Portugal. With 5+ years of experience in marketing, UX design, and web development, I'm able to provide a big-picture approach few others can. Read more here.

Can you help me with just a small Webflow or design task?


Yes! The day rate package is perfect for when all you need is a quick little fix like adjusting a layout, redesigning a page, or bug hunting. For more long-term solutions one of the monthly packages might be a better fit.